Trouble in Terrorist Town

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Trouble in Terrorist Town is a paranoia based game where a percentage of players become traitors. The goal of the traitors is to kill everyone, whereas everyone that is "innocent" has to work out who the traitors are and kill them.


Traitors are chosen at random via the server. Their objective is to annihilate everyone apart from their fellow traitors. Traitors get various tools they may purchase from the credit store (Press C to open) to assist them, such as C4, Radars, Teleporters and more. Traitors start off with 1-3 credits initially and can earn extra credits under certain conditions, such as killing innocent players and detectives.

The Innocent

Innocents are players that have not been chosen to be Traitors or Detectives. They have no access to any stores and must rely on wit and skill to stay alive.


Detectives is an extra group that will automatically come into play if the population of the server grows beyond a certain size. Detectives have an array of items that allow them to work out who the traitors are quicker than innocents.

Victory Conditions

A Team will win when one of the following conditions below are met -

Traitors Win

  • All innocents / detectives are dead

Innocents Win

  • All Traitors are killed
  • They live beyond the round time

General Guidelines

  • Common Sense applies
  • Let the AFK system take care of AFKers
  • Killing Detectives as Innocents is prohibited
  • Killing a fellow Traitor as a Traitor is permitted if it would benefit the situation
  • Claiming areas is prohibited
  • Don't bother asking people "why they're hurt", and certainly don't kill someone just for being injured.
  • If you have a complaint about administrative actions taken against you, make a thread on the forums, don't complain in-game.

Server Notes

  • There is a distance cutoff range. You cannot see player nameplates beyond this distance.
  • Anyone can pin bodies to walls.
  • Long Jump Boots are available to Traitors / Detectives. These reduce fall damage taken by 80%.
  • As a spectator you can't see players/bodies names, this is intended and is designed to prevent ghosting.

Donation Information

  • Platinum donators receive benefits on this server, including;
    • Extra credit for Traitors
    • Extra credit for Detectives
    • Punch-o-meter is increased by 5x depending on score
    • 50% increase for the recharge rate on pushing props
    • 30% Recharge rate on voice meter
    • Able to re-buy locked out items (i.e. not restricted to one knife)
    • If a Detective buys the UMP, they receive an additional 60 ammo for it.


Update Notes for each update are available in the TTT Update Section

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this server have the "Jihad Bomb" weapon?

The Jihad Bomb is not available on the server, however hitting the C4 five times as a Traitor will cause it to explode.

  • Are there traitor testers available?

No. They're considered overpowered and can cause the game to slide to a specific style / area if they are used.